Thursday, December 16, 2010

never like never

ok lame gak tak post anyway

never like never like *what the hell man....

first thing tak sangka dpt awek nawty .... *jgn marah bagi terasa

next mmber aq jeles skit :O*omg

die tu ramai kwn nawty2 sbb tu jeles  :D

but can metal guy friend with nawty girl =.="

it feel weird a lot weird then

like some guy say to me "never like never"

well.....  bila kwn tak kira larr metal ke nawty ke emo ke hiphop ke...

still leh kwn

another never like never is

i really fall in love this one girl and her sister like doesn`t like.... ;(

ohh well i her sister doesn`t like me is ok :DD

i still can try except it gonna be a little bit mencabar hahah :DD

protect who you wan to protect expect don`t ever try to pecah privasi seseorg

ok for know

insya-allah kalo esok ade mase ku akan post


*to fatini jgn kaco org puye privasi *